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A dating app that is accessible with Voiceover for the blind is hard to find. The big ones out there are all based on photos, which does me no good whatsoever. But the concept of this one works. At least, in theory. The problem that I have is twofold. Does the message disappear into the ether and someone may or may not read it? If there were a way to sort by who was online most recently, maybe that would help. Now if only I can find others who are stuck in the same alley.

This app is a great idea and has a good visual feel. The concept of finding musically like-minded people is wonderful. Currently, I have had no notifications that anyone has liked me period, let alone liked me back or matched. A few messages have been exchanged; although, nothing meaningful.

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The 'tuning into' people I've been getting lately have been all over the map but mostly international; there is no way to limit to a local area. This app has a lot of potential, but after 2 weeks, it's sadly been mostly pointless to me. Maybe I'll give it another try in a few months to see if any improvements have been made. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Chat with people who share your love for music!

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Just a fix to Questions showing they were already answered when they were not! Just a few bug fixes and tweaks. It's also easier to open a conversation directly from an email now, so yeah.

Feature Suggestions

Fixes crashes for iOS 8 users. In this release we've: Bug fixes, especially crash when deleting a photo. Swipe through profiles and anonymously like people who catch your eye. Bug fixes and improvements. We've fixed a load of nasty bugs so the app should be absolutely delightful.

The good thing about the mobile app is that it lets you sync your favorite songs into your iPhone Library or Spotify account. You can also search for people who are within your vicinity just by scanning your music library. Unlike the website too, the app has a chat function where you can easily send and receive new messages. Unfortunately, the app is quite not mobile-friendly. If you are using an Android smartphone or others, you will not enjoy the features of the app as it is only available on iTunes.

If you still want to pursue using and having it, you might want to get a new Apple phone! I signed myself in so I can meet other people, especially girls. But aside from meeting girls, I also met new friends who are guys and we just "clicked. I even had the chance to meet them. This is a really good place whether you are looking for love, a serious or casual relationship, or simply wants to meet new people who you can be comfortable with.

Oh, and yeah, can you guess how lucky I am to finally find the love of my life? I met my 2-year girlfriend now because we both adore The Queen. I guess Tastebuds figured we both like listening to Freddie Mercury. Overall, the design of the website is not that bad. Its appearance is somehow similar to other social media and online dating websites.

The only difference is that it has music-related icons everywhere. It only takes around 5 seconds if your internet is fast and minutes assuming your internet is slow. Its functions are also easy to navigate and the tools are not that complicated. However, in the forum section, there are some members who are complaining about how it looks. They say that it is kind of old-school and plain. If you go over the discussions, a lot of members are actually suggesting ways to improve the website.

Your subscription to this premium membership automatically continues once every period of service end. This is because the website does not want to interrupt your ongoing conversations with other members. If you would like to cancel your subscription, you may do so any time by clicking "Account" on your "Settings" page. Your benefits will continue until the end of your subscription term, and they will only end once the term expires. If you want to know more about their subscription policy, they have a more detailed explanation on their Privacy page. Tastebuds is a music-related online dating site that also has other features that you can use for enjoyment.

This is where you can find the group threads and discussions. It has additional sub-categories from which you can choose. You can start your own thread too if you want! Hence, they created the "Questions" page where you can answer random questions. This is fun especially when you are waiting for someone or something, or just simply letting some time pass. Under this category, you become a private investigator.

Since the moderators thoroughly assess their members' account to protect your privacy, they need assistance in looking for those fake members. To help them with that, you can go on the "Bored?

Android App - Tastebuds

You only need to click the images that do not show a person, then submit. Tastebuds is an online dating site that uses music to match people with one another. It was created by musicians Alex Parish and Julian Keenaghan. They thought that the best way to find and meet new friends is through songs and the artists they love.

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Their mobile app is only available on iTunes. Google Play and other downloading applications of other phones do not have it. You can also send them a mail at Tastebuds Media Ltd.

Other people will see that because you are on regular mode. If you avail of their Incognito mode, then you can hide the fact that you have visited their profiles. You can enjoy using all of them without paying for any fees. Their paid services are Unlimited Messaging and Incognito Mode. You will have to subscribe to their Backstage Pass before you can enjoy these features.

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Unlimited Messaging allows you to send and receive private messages with no limits and lets you explore the site without advertisement interruptions. Incognito Mode hides your status if you are online and allows you to visit the profiles of other members anonymously. Subscribing to their Backstage Pass is pretty easy. You just need to go to the "Go Backstage" section under your profile picture at the top-right side of your screen, and then click "Subscribe. Upon clicking "Pay," an email will be sent to you as a confirmation.

Tastebuds offers three pricing options: As you can see, you will get discounts if you avail of the 3 months and 6 months options. Tastebuds accepts all kinds of major credit and debit cards. Tastebuds is a legit dating site. It has been around since engaging people to connect through music. It is always protected. It is their policy that the staff ensures all of the members' security.

They check members' profiles, fraudulent acts, and even messaging features. You may report such account if it looks fake or suspicious to you. They will not suspend it immediately. Instead, they will conduct further investigation on your report. Go to Settings and then Account. You will see a Backstage Pass tab where a cancel option is available. Click that button and your subscription will automatically end on the last day of your subscription term. Yes, you may deactivate it. Go to Settings then Account tab and click "Deactivate your account.

You can always, however, reactivate it anytime.

Tastebuds: A Dating App Can Be a Music App

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