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That said, there's a obvious difference between traditionalists and extremists. Once the former die out of existence, that'll be about it for sane people opposing interracial relationships. But what you should understand is that, while your Grandmother may not be an extremist, she was the product of an extremist society. Basically all I'm saying is that at the time your Grandmother was young, the views held on Stormfront.

You cant just excuse an old person's extreme views because they are old. They are still wrong and should be challanged about the views they have and may even begin to change if exposed to the correct environment. My Grandmother said a million times that she had absolutely no use for white people, due to her life experiences I can't really blame her.

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She did however learn to like some white people after giving them a chance later in life. I had a very long, well thought out reply involving nursury rhymes, Bill Cosby, and our dysfunctional cultures ready to be posted. Then, the hydro plant yards behind my house blew a few transformers and I lost power til now. You may have seen it on the news, there were choppers overhead.

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This is a very difficult issue to discuss. So I'll just say what I started my first paragraph with: Having said that, I hope to see the day when race isn't an issue. My mother's cousin had a very strange relationship, he was dating a woman who was black who had a couple kids from a previous relationship. They never married, but he ended up getting custody of her kids she had some issues. Then he met and married another woman also black and they had several kids together he lives across the country and I don't see him much, so I don't know which kids are from which relationship, but he has 6, I know, crazy!

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Anyway, my great-grandmother his grandmother was talking to me about the kids one day, and she was talking about how this one was 'black as the ace of spades' and that one was 'a very pretty tan color, like a Puerto Rican. She was describing the kids to me because I had never met them, and she was talking about how wonderful they were, and how much she loved them, and that they were her great-grandkids even the ones that aren't related by blood.

Though the way she talked would smack of racism, there wasn't anything racist about the conversation. Very valid points Cotuit. I thank you for sharing that, I find it very interesting.

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