So the only reason you would need to use this port is if you wanted to run the audio seperately to a stereo, and not the back of the TV along with the video. OK, grab the two 32X crossover cables and lets plug them together. It does not matter which way you combine them. You could have multiple options available like on the diagram to the right.

You can place it in any one that is not in use. We will fix this on Step 9. Run the cable from the Genesis to your stereo. See pictures on right In this method you only use the Video yellow from the back of the 32X and leave the audio cable s unplugged. Plug in a game, turn on the game system on. Doing this first will help in finding the right TV settings, when you see the game, you got it right! Go ahead and turn on the system.

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You will see a power light only on the Genesis, the 32X does not have a power light. At this point you can use a Genesis or 32X cartridge, they will both play through the 32X now. To change to these different video signal options, you usually have a INPUT button on your remote or television. You're more likely the kill the hardware than yourself anyway. Now, take the black plastic spacer and see how it curves. Now slide it under the 32X around its "neck' and up until it is flush against the curving outer bottom of the 32X.

There should be a nice click or two to tell you when you're done. This requires very little force so if it won't go on easily you're probably doing something wrong. You may be able to get away without this spacer if you simply can't find it. I'd certainly use it if you have it though. Secondly, align the 32X with the Genesis. If by some chance you have things backwards the 32X won't go in anyway so you don't have much to worry about.

Take the 32X and gently insert its "neck" into the cartridge input of the Genesis 2. Push down until you feel it's all the way in. It should fit in nice and snug. Just insert it like a cartridge.

How to hook up retro consoles to High Definition TVs via HDMI

Ok, now take that male mini-din to male mini-din cable I'm sorry I don't have a more user friendly description of it. If you have a Genesis 2 you should be familiar with this procedure. Make sure it's nice and snug and don't bend the pins. That would be bad. Oh yes, that would be bad indeed.

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Now take the other end of the cable flopping on the floor. Take the free end of the cable coming from the Genesis 2 the one with the big "growth" on the end and orient it so the arrow is facing upwards towards the ceiling. Now your Genesis 2 and 32X are connected.

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Lastly, connect up the power supplies for the Genesis 2 and the 32X. Once your power is up insert a 32X cartridge into the 32X and hit the power button the Genesis 2. You should now be able to experience the joys of parallel processing. If you've ever played your Genesis 2 you should have one of these already. If you don't, you should get one. There are some good games for it.

To my knowledge, all of these are simply full motion video FMV titles. The video looks cleaner, sharper, and has more colors in the 32X versions. The best known is probably Night Trap. It doesn't look like laserdisc but it is a definite improvement. As a blurb, in my opinion the combination of the Sega CD and 32X was grossly underutilized.

EP2- Sega 32X Hook up/Installation How To

Some extremely exceptional role-playing games could have been produced had anyone wanted to. Plus you'll need an extra outlet for the Sega CD. There are some restrictions on combinations of the Sega CD and Genesis themselves. You cannot hook a Genesis 2 and a front-loading Sega CD together. You can, however, connect the original model Genesis with the headphone jack to both the original Sega CD front loading and the second generation Sega CD the top loading one. The 32X will work with either.

First off, unplug everything. Then connect up your Sega CD and Genesis 1 as you usually would. Once they're stuck nicely together then just follow the instructions above for connecting up the 32X to the Genesis 1.

How to hook up retro consoles to High-Definition TVs

Once you have everything together and plugged back in remove any cartridges from the 32X. Then switch on the Genesis and the boot screen for the Sega CD should load up as it normally does. Then press start to boot up the game and everything should proceed normally. The game disc will automatically detect and utilize the 32X hardware.

Please note that this setup will give you monaural sound output. I'll detail how to get stereo sound out of this setup later.

The styling of all 3 machines is consistent. It may look weird but it's perfectly serviceable. Now connect up your Genesis 2 and Sega CD 2 as you normally would side to side. Now follow the above instructions for installing the 32X into the Genesis 2. Make sure there are no cartridges in the 32X and then switch on the Genesis 2. But these installation instructions should work.

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  6. See below for details on getting stereo sound out of this combination. I'm afraid I don't know much about this. My guess would be that you connect your Genesis and Sega CD as you usually do and then install the 32X into the Genesis. Make sure the 32X is devoid of cartridges and then turn on the Genesis as you usually would. I don't have any further details. This will almost certainly be a monaural setup. There may be a way to get stereo sound out of this combination but I'm not at all sure.

    That means that if you have mono sound coming into the 32X you will have mono sound coming out. And if you have stereo sound coming into the 32X it will spit out stereo sound. Figuring out how to get stereo sound out of the 32X is probably the biggest pain in the ass of getting a 32X. Worry not, it isn't very hard but it may require some funky cables on your part. As usual, the method you use depends on which model of Genesis you have. Getting stereo sound out of the Genesis 2 is pretty easy. Getting it out of the Genesis 1 is kind of a pain.

    This is where it can get kind of unpleasant. I never did understand why Sega decided to make the Genesis 1 only output stereo sound through a headphone jack. I doubt I'll ever know. At any rate, this decision is what makes it kind of hard to get stereo sound out of the 32X when using an original model Genesis. You'll need some extra cables and quite possibly a front-loading Sega CD.

    Note that 32X games will work fine without stereo sound. In fact you may not even want to bother hooking up stereo sound with the 32X.

    But if you do, here's how to do it. To do it the kosher way, as described in the instructions that came with the 32X here's what you will need: All the cables you normally need for connecting a 32X and Genesis 1. A front-loading Sega CD unit. A male to male stereo headphone cable. Stereo RCA audio cables red and white.

    Make sure that the cables you get are long enough. You're going to have the snake those audio RCA cables to your TV and the headphone cable as to stretch between the front of the Genesis and back of the Sega CD without being too tight. Try to get something that's only an inch or two more than you need. Longer is not necessarily better.

    First off, unplug everything from the electrical outlets. You can do this with your 32X already in the Genesis if you want to. It won't hurt anything. Next, take that headphone cable. Find the headphone jack on the front of your Genesis. Plug one end of the cable into that headphone jack. Take the other end of the cable and snake it around to the back of your Sega CD. Find the headphone I think it's actually labeled as "mixing" and plug the other end of the cable in there. You should now have a headphone cable running from your Genesis to Sega CD.

    Now look on the back of your Sega CD. See those red and white jacks back there? Those are where you want to connect your RCA cables. Take one end of the red and white RCA cables it doesn't matter which end and plug the white cable into the white jack and the red cable into the red jack. Now go back to your Genesis for a moment. See the volume control sitting by the headphone jack? Push that all the way up so it's at maximum volume. You may be able to have it lower, I'm not sure. Now hook up the 32X to the Genesis as described above.

    Here's the tricky part. The yellow connector is the video output and you want to put that in the yellow colored RCA jack at the back or front maybe of your TV. Just leave the white and red if you have it on your cable connector dangling there. It won't go anywhere.

    Take the free red and white connectors and snake them around to where you just plugged in the yellow connector. Now plug the red colored connector into the red jack and white colored connector into the white jack. What you should now have is the following situation: Only the yellow connector on the cable coming from the 32X should be hooked up to the TV.

    The red and white connectors coming from the Sega CD should be hooked up to the TV next to the yellow connector from the 32X. Make sure your Genesis volume control is all the way up and that your TV volume isn't too high. You should now hear stereo sound coming out of your TV. You should get stereo sound whether you are playing a Sega CD game, a bit Genesis game, or a 32X game. Like I said before the 32X can only spit out whatever sound came into it in the first place. It can only output mono sound. In fact, this connector is the exact same one that was on the old 8-bit Sega Master System.

    The Master System was incapable of producing stereo sound at all. So what you're doing with all these other cables and the Sega CD is converting the sound output of the headphone into a form that a TV can use. You do this by passing the sound through the Sega CD, which then converts it into the kind of sound a TV can use outputted through those red and white RCA jacks. This just shunts the stereo sound from the Genesis into the TV. So you're taking the video from the 32X the yellow connector and the audio from the Sega CD red and white connectors and combining them through the TV.

    This splits and converts the sound into a form a stereo or TV can use. In theory this should work. However, I have not tested this and have no idea if it works. If anyone has tried this please let me know. This is much easier. In fact you may not need any extra cables and connector at all.

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