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Divorce is truly frowned upon in the Philippines,marriage is considered a lifetime bonding,much as it was in the west,long years ago.

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One man-one woman is the Filipino way of thinking while the husband can be confident his Filipino bride will not have liaisons behind his back she in turn will not tolerate any extra marital affairs from her partner. While woman like to have a successful bread winner,a reliable source of income and the more the merrier a Filipino woman will not replace family for money,the family will always come first.

Filipina ladies make wonderful wives because they are home bodies,their house is more than a place to live it is their temple,A wild tantrum in the house would dishonour it, this has a calming effect on a upset Pinay bride,she will also keep the house clean and well maintained as her pride of place will require it. Filipinas are also well educated compared to some Asian countries,of course this does depend on her families financial means but where possible schooling and higher education is pursued,this higher education and her command of english can easily put her into employment in the west and often earning more than their husbands,Phd,doctorates and degrees is not uncommon for Pinay girls to have obtained.

Philippine girls are in general religeous with catholic being the the main religion with other christian relgions also been practised.

An Asian woman is a woman who lives in one of the many countries in the Asian continent. The good thing about Asians is that their cultures are diversified and all the men who look for the perfect Asian woman have a lot of different choices. Asian Filipina dating focusses on single Filipina ladies searching for a foreign partner for love.

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