Mc Laren Irish Pub: Pub in Shardin street that has live bands sometimes. Good place for a drink and some cuties there sometimes on the tables. Also has live music acts. Outdoors lounge in Old town that gets very busy.

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A lot of sexy and beautiful girls go there. Club right next to Centro that is on 3 levels, the last of which is a pretty cool rooftop.

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The last 2 levels are pretty pumping and you can find tourists from Iran going wild there, as well as locals. You can take advantage of this time to visit all the wonderful sights that the city has which will be your best bet to find action anyway. Rustaveli Street and Museums: Many people will be on the metro stops of this street, and you can walk around and visit the museums there. Long street that has witnessed a lot of development.

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Lots of arab tourists here and great restaurants. Plenty of tourists will be there checking it out. Mostly Russian tourists and a few locals.

But very limited number on Tinder and online game in general Share:. Adult Nomad is a mid 30s year old real estate entrepreneur. He spends his time alternating between work projects and long traveling breaks exploring and enjoying all this world has to offer. Your email address will not be published. Tbilisi is a very unique hidden gem. It is quite an interesting blend of cultures and architecture. One could say it has the eastern european feel of Kiev, mixed with turkish influences, yet some parts of it feel very European!

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It was a very pleasant city to visit, with amazing food. Yet Tbilisi was not so good in terms of dating and women, but its other aspects are so good that i still strongly recommend it for any traveler. Best areas in Tbilisi to stay in Tbilisi nightlife guide Tbilisi daytime spots guide Online game in Tbilisi The women in Tbilisi are mostly local Georgians, and sizable numbers of Russian tourists.

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Interesting mix of cultures Beautiful nature and city Great food Beautiful russian tourists Cheap Cons: Not a lot of girls Nightlife is limited and ratios are bad. That is where most of the action is.

Romanian & Georgian Women (East Europe)

I am almost thirty and not married, but I live with my partner. I am not afraid to be seen in a bar or a restaurant drinking beer at midnight, I am fine with walking anywhere by myself. When I was a smoker, I would not hide in a toilet or a kitchen to have my guilty pleasure.

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No, I would smoke on the street as men do. But as I said, it is enough to be a foreigner in Georgia to have strangers think about you as an easy catch and a potential bed warmer. And this means that I am to endure a lot of unwanted attention in streets, bars, marshrutkas, buses, markets… Basically anywhere I go by myself.

One summer day, a forty-something and half-toothless Kakhetian named Giorgi gave me a ride for two kilometers outside of Sighnagi. Of course, the third question, after he got to know my name and nationality, was if I am married. I said yes, but not to a Georgian. This sentence served as a green light for him, and he openly asked me if I would like to have, hmm, a special friend, a second husband, plainly offering his potential services. My answer was a clear no, but up to this day I keep thinking, would he dare to offer something like this to a Georgian woman with a Georgian patroni?

And this was not the only case. So far, several taxi drivers have tried to take me to a khinkali place instead of my home, at the same time boasting about their sexual adventures with Ukrainians and Russians. I cannot buy vegetables from street vendors without being asked for a phone number by men of any age, or without older women playing matchmakers and praising their male relatives.

I cannot have a friendly chit-chat with a taxi driver without him hitting on me. I cannot pass a group of men on Rustaveli after dark without feeling their hungry gazes on my back. I cannot be at a supra without someone flirting with me, even if my boyfriend is there. Some men might ask — what is this woman complaining about? It must be something wrong with her if she does not enjoy the attention that she gets.

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Surely, she must secretly like all the compliments she gets and all the glances she attracts. There is nothing wrong with showing attention to and praising the beauty of the fairer sex, right? It is disturbing, uncomfortable and makes me feel like a steak at a carnivore feast.