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At least, that's the common sense answer. Over such a short run as a 2 foot interconnect, measurable differences in cables such as capacitance, and high frequency roll-off are going to be so minimal as to be entirely theoritical, in my opinion as a former professional broadcast engineer.

Rca To Component Adapter

Gold plating on cable connectors makes no difference if your component outputs are tinned connectors. Cheaper wires may be made of less flexible conductors, so in uses where they are frequently moved or reconnected, higher quality wires with better conductors and strain reliefs may be worth something, but for semi-permanent home connections, even this justification for more expensive cables is hard to make. All of that is true except that in the case of HDTV signals a cheaper cable simply may not work. It's worth a try, but if you get a black screen you may need the more expensive cable.

How To Connect The Nintendo Wii to a HDTV (1080p HD)

It's becoming a bit ridiculous trying to buy decently-priced audio or video cables at any big box or retail electronics outlet. Especially at Best Buy or Future Shop the latter being Canadian only cables are one of the highest-margin products in the entire store. Try to find an alternative: As an addendum, while the new tv is HD-ready, we don't have any HD channels ie: I tried this with a some random RCA cables and the video was always green or blue or had crazy lines running through it. I never did get component to work.

Maybe someone more knowledgable can help us both. I'm hesitant on spending gobs of money on cables I cant return if this doesnt work. Depends on the 'quality' of the RCA cables. The real answer is that, for a bunch of complex math reasons, component cables may be manufactured to higher specs than plain old RCA cables. Without going into too much detail, audio and composite video the yellow one are more tolerant of cables that don't meet the 75ohm spec.

HD is considerably higher bandwidth 35mhz vs 10mhz of composite video and less tolerant of cables that aren't 75ohms. The most dramatic demonstration is seeing what a signal looks like going through cable that can't handle the bandwidth. You can literally see the signal smearing on a good oscilloscope. I say "may" because there are so many ways you can be ripped off it's not even funny. So, spend a few bucks for component cables but not too much. I hope I'm not too late to help out. I have no affiliation with this company, but Monoprice. I haven't bought anything there myself, but I haven't seen any complaints.

Yeah it's online and you have to wait for it, but at least you're not lining the pockets of Radio Shack or Best Buy if you don't want to. Think of it this way: Um, it depends -- do the round metal things on the component cable ports have little nubs on the outside of them? You'll likely break the connector. Coaxial cables don't just carry the signal. There's a complex interaction between the inner core and outer sheath and the dimensions of each and the material used between them changes their electrical characteristics.

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The cables can be considered an electronic component that can change the signal. On the other hand, this is mostly theoretical for short cable runs, so no, you don't really need the expensive cable. For the most part, media players, DVRs, game consoles, and computers output audio and video to a TV input. However, installing a DVR or cable box may still require the help of an expert technician if your home needs new wiring or a satellite dish.

get an old dvd player with only rca plugs to work with a new hd tv? - TV - Streaming Video & TVs

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In-Depth Port Guide

You can learn more about our site and privacy policy here. This refers to the way data is sent through the connection—either as a high-quality digital signal or a lower-quality analog signal. Relevant to video ports, this is the perceived sharpness and clarity of an image. Large numbers like p are better than smaller numbers like i, but 4K Ultra HD is the best. These are devices you may hook up to your TV through the corresponding port. In-Depth Port Guide Below you can find ports by name and image, learn about signal type and quality, discover which devices are used with each port, and get the answers to tricky questions about the purpose and potential of your TV ports.

What are HDMI ports? Are HDMI ports always the best connection option? What are component video ports?

Computers, previous-generation media players, and previous-generation game consoles See Matching Cable. What are S-video ports? What are composite video ports? What are digital audio optical ports?

HDMI to RCA Cable (ARC) will it play DVD's on smart tv?

Should I use the digital audio optical port? What are digital audio coaxial ports? What are RCS stereo audio ports? Should I use the RCA stereo audio ports? Computers See Matching Cable. What are DVI ports? Why are there so many different types of DVI?

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Which DVI connector is best? Can DVI cables carry audio too? What are VGA ports? What is the antenna-in port? Internet modem See Matching Cable. What are Ethernet ports? Should I use the Ethernet port instead of Wi-Fi?

Samsung TV service updates and wall mounts. What are Ex-Link ports? But a motorized TV mount sounds really cool, and I want one! Output Pay attention to the input and output.

Port Glossary